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Help & Volunteers Wanted

Quote ... "Give a man a Fish and you've fed him for one meal. Teach a man to fish and you've fed him for a lifetime."

Russian born Victoria Boutenko and her daughter, Valya, are now U.S. Citizens who have taken the hard lessons learned from the diseases of affluence gained here in the U.S. to all who are willing to learn and now that extends to the starving masses of orphans in Africa.

But the Boutenkos have taken that famous fish quotation a GIANT-STEP-FURTHER: They not only teach orphans (and others) how to feed themselves for a lifetime, the methods they use will free them from the chronic diseases that plague Western Society while lengthening and enhancing their lives.

It has been my pleasure to learn from the Boutenkos as well as share speaking engagements at World have had the pleasure of sharing world stages with the Boutenkos in the past as well as welcomed them here to do seminars and workshops in Alabama.

The Boutenkos have set the bar high and are forever raising it in their endeavors to enlighten the world about all aspects of nutrition and health.

We cannot all be as effective as the Boutenkos nor travel to places so remote but we can learn from them and do what we can to follow their wonderful examples.


  • Since Victoria and Valya Boutenko have proved it can be done, and
  • Since "Charity (also) begins at home,"
  • Please help me to emulate the Boutenko's example here in "my-little-corner-of-the-world."

Have Land but need LOTS of help beginning with the following:


Seeking a Raw, Vegan, Sports-Minded, professional Camp Director with a proven record to assist in establishing a boys and/or girls camp �Immediately, if not sooner,� at the following location: 


Seeking a mature, responsible, healthy, raw, vegan couple (preferably retired) who would like to exchange caretaker/property/custodian duties for free land rent and an organic garden plot in a beautiful outdoor environment featuring a 7 acre pristine lake surrounded by acres of green forest. See more at: 


Volunteer Summer Interns of all ages ready to camp out, learn, work, and live in a warm, caring environment while assisting in developing and maintaining organic gardens, trails, fitness sites, etc., Meals and Camp Grounds provided.

Inquiries and comments welcome;-) [email protected] .

Gerry Coffey

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