Animal Stories


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Animal Stories
By Jim and Mindy Tucker - 17 Jan 2004

In Reference to: A Visit with the Tucker Family

Dear Mary and Frank,

Just wanted to say hi and say I hope this year is starting of great for you!

I know 2 little pups who, if they could talk, would say, "thank you for starting our year off by saving us!" We found 2 little Lab mix babies (both girls!) on a cold day coming back from Hot Springs a week ago. Something just told me to "go the back roads. Jim agreed. The 2 little "reasons" were sitting in the freezing cold on an old dirt road, huddled together, apparently resigning themselves to the fact that they had been abandoned.

Jim stopped the car, and we rushed to pick them up and get them out of the cold. As cold and mal-nourished as they were, they ran to us wagging their tails! Such LOVE even though humans had done this to them! Oh, there are some cruel people in this world, who would dump pups (looked to be about 6 weeks old) on a lonely road to starve just because they're females and the people refuse to put out the $ to have them spayed. God only knows where the mother is. We looked and looked for more pups or the mom, but couldn't find any others.
Anyway, happy ending for "Sally" and "Trixie," after 2 of my Aunt Tiny's dogs of years gone by, who I loved dearly!

They've been to the vet, and are eating and growing and are such LOVING, SMART little things! We'll have them spayed in about 4 months, and we'll screen potential adopters, but if not....well, you can imagine the rest of the story! Jim is getting very attached to them too. Thank GOD we live in the country now and can keep "extras" if need be.

Have a blessed day! Take care.

Your Sister and Brother in Christ,

Mindy and Jim