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Lance Landall - Wellington, New Zealand

Lance LandallThere's not a doubt in my mind that taking the life of any human or creature is a wrongful and abhorrent act; and that flesh food and dairy products are very injurious to our body. I therefore support Frank and Mary in their mission to educate people regarding: the abhorrentness of killing, and cruelty to either humans or creatures; the dangers of flesh food and dairy products. I also support their call for a world in which peace and unconditional love reign; and their call for a return to godly values, standards, principles and morals.

Whether Christian or not, humans have badly strayed from what is best for them. There's a need for a u-turn. Let's pull together, where we can, for the good of all, without encroaching upon each others right to civil religious liberty and freedom of speech.

I was raised in a home where flesh-food was somewhat sparingly consumed, at least for New Zealanders, that is, who consume copious amounts of flesh-food. The faith I was raised in, and still hold to, encourages a vegetarian diet. It's not held as a doctrinal belief, but as an educated choice coupled with biblical insight.

Let me explain:

A) There is plenty of evidence showing that flesh-food is very injurious to our bodies, even our minds, as the body and mind are interrelated. Today the risk of ill health from eating flesh-food is even greater due to what creatures are being fed or injected with. Also, diseases within the animal kingdom are increasing. Not just our life is shortened by eating flesh-food, but our quality of life is also affected (health-wise, aches and pains, etc). Personally, I feel that the killing and eating of creatures just doesn't sit well with being a loving/caring person. To talk of love and compassion, and yet feast on living creatures, seems ironic to me, to say the least. On top of all this is the inhumane and unhealthy way in which creatures are often treated by those who raise and prepare them for consumption.

B) A biblical overview clearly shows that while God initially allowed flesh-food (after the Flood) He knows that it is not good for us and desires we refrain from it. That way we will be healthier and our minds more able to comprehend His truths and we more able to live disciplined lives in the Lord. Ill health and clouded minds drain our ability to act and think correctly/better. Killing creatures for food is a strange act which came about as the result of the Fall. As Christians we should look to the pre-Fall model, not the Post-Fall distortions. It appears that God allowed flesh-food to shorten the life of evil humanity. Imagine Hitler living for a thousand years! It appears that God also allowed the eating of flesh-food because of the lack of food (vegetation) after the Flood. This explanation is still hard for for us to grapple with as why would a God of love allow such killing and why didn't He supply manner. We will only fully understand when we see Him face to face. However, when God did allow the eating of flesh-food, He stated that it was not to be eaten with the blood still in it, nor was the fat to be eaten. All this occurred well before the Jewish ceremonial law, and has never been overturned, contrary to what some think. Though incorporated in the Jewish ceremonial law, it stands apart from it. Hygiene and health know no cultural boundaries. Though God allowed flesh-food, He did not remove its harmful results, hence why He attempted to get His chosen nation [ancient Israel] to stop eating flesh-food. Sadly, they continued to crave for the very thing that was bad for their health, and would shorten their life. They eventually angered God with their continual moaning and complaining. Remember the Quail, and the outcome?

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