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Hoffman Helpful Hint: Apricots – 10 July 2008
By Mary T. Hoffman

Apricots This time of year we look forward to buying lots of apricots from the farm market, and we haven’t been disappointed yet. Among other fruit and vegetables purchased this week was a large box (approximately ¼ bushel) of apricots for only six dollars.

We spread these apricots out on the kitchen counter until they have fully ripened (eating many of the ripe ones along the way), then store some in the refrigerator; the rest we freeze, after washing, cutting each apricot in half, and removing the pit. Then we fill small plastic boxes with the apricot halves and freeze them.

Apricot Vlueberry Pizza An added bonus that comes with buying locally picked apricots is the wonderful aroma that they give off and that we enjoy throughout the kitchen. The apricots shipped a long distance to the supermarkets lack this delightful scent and much of the flavor.

As I mentioned in Wednesday’s Blog, one of my favorite recipes that combines blueberries and apricots is Apricot Blueberry Pizza. Yummy!

For more information about apricots, visit: 

For our Apricot Blueberry Pizza recipe, visit: 

For lots of great-tasting recipes, visit:

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