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Osteoporosis – 19 February 2009

“Osteoporosis rates are very high in the United States, as the Milk Board suggests. Our hip fracture rates are among the highest in the world. And yet we are also one of the highest dairy consumers in the world. Something doesn’t compute, and scientists are beginning to discover why. New evidence suggests that high-protein diets can actually cause calcium loss. While milk contains calcium, as well as vitamin D that helps your body retain calcium, it also boosts your protein intake. Considering how many good sources of calcium exist in the plant world, it seems unnecessary to rely on milk. Good plant sources of calcium include kale, collards, mustard and turnip greens, broccoli, bok choy, black beans, chick peas, calcium-processed tofu, calcium-fortified soymilk, calcium-fortified orange juice, and blackstrap molasses. Spinach is an unreliable source of calcium because its oxalate content inhibits absorption.”
~ From the book Vegan: The New Ethics of Eating by Eric Marcus.

My husband Frank and I stopped consuming dairy products in any form well over twenty years ago. We also avoid any product that mentions “whey” or “casein” in their ingredients list. The result? Our health improved dramatically and our conscience is at peace, knowing that we are not contributing to the horrors of the dairy industry. Personally, it’s also a relief to know that I’m not consuming all the pus cells that are allowable in cows’ milk!

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