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Anthony Marr's CARE-7 tour blog #17 - 19 May 2010

Hueco Tanks Historical State Park, El Paso, TX / San Antonio, TX

My [Homo Sapiens! SAVE YOUR EARTH!] potluck speech yesterday achieved yet a higher level of inspiration for both the audience and myself. As I progress from speech to speech on this tour, the speeches themselves evolve progressively from a doomsday prophesy to a new world vision based on my concept of Integrative Transcendence, and the worldview of the audience changes from dark despair to faint hope, albeit still laced with a heavy dose of dread, which will not and should not dissipate.

The venue was the magnificent Joske Pavilion in the Brackenridge Park in San Antonio, chosen and well-hosted by Kaz Sephton of the San Antonio Vegetarian Society. The audience as usually is of high quality, comprising two space physicists, an opera singer, a physician, and many leading activists in the San Antonio area.

During the Q&A, a question was "What can we do?" My new answer is to think big, think outside the box, change the law, revolutionize society and unify the world. Notable is a boy of about 8 years of age, who said that he would speak to his class about saving the planet via a plant-based diet, to whom I taught the term "protein conversion ratio", which basically means that it required 20 pounds of plant protein to produce one pound of meat protein, which in turn means that a plant-based diet can feed 20 times more people than a meat-based diet.

After the event, a late comer arrived, a very tall young man who said that he knew he would miss my speech, but still decided to come and meet me. I gave him a few minutes of latent heat information, and he wanted to maintain contact to receive the rest.

Thanks again, Kaz, for your hospitality and for organizing this very successful speaking event.

Campaign touring for Mother Earth is not all work. One great pleasure is that I get to see her up close where she is at her most exquisite. The following series of photographs, which I'm hard pressed to shorten due to the unique beauty of each picture, is the fruit of a nature walk led by my gracious El Paso host Susan P yesterday morning before my long drive to San Antonio. It is of the Hueco Tanks Historical State Park about 10 miles north of El Paso, showing stunning rock formations resulting from the age-old erosion of limestone leaving behind the harder and tougher granite, on which can be found ancient hieroglyphs easily 10,000 years old left behind by the paleo-inhabitants, and more recent graffiti some dating back to the 1800s. Amidst all this grandeur, however, are disturbing hints of modern cultural primitivism where crude 21th century graffiti is written right on top of the ancient pictographs, albeit with heavy fines if the offenders are caught. But all in all, it was an exhilarating morning which carried through into the afternoon drive and the evening speech, and perhaps the rest of my life when I will be serving Mother Earth and all her sentient creatures.


The drive from El Paso to San Antonio was nothing short of spectacular. Shortly after passing Fort Stockton, I drove past a vast wind farm on the left that spanned many miles. At one point there was a juxtaposition of old oil rigs and new wind turbines, which struck me to be almost poetic.

Somewhere along the 10 hour drive, the highway was blocked by a border patrol check point. As often is the case, while other vehicles were briefly questioned and let pass, the Green Hornet was ordered to pull over for inspection, which involved my being order to hand over my passport, get out of the car, surrounded by four armed agents, asked if I was carrying a weapon myself, and questioned about my purpose for being in Texas. At one point, when I casually stuck my hands into my pockets, I was told sternly to pull them back out. Meanwhile, a police-dog sniffed all over the exterior and interior of the car, and jumping into the trunk for more sniffing. When they finally told me I could go, I snap a picture as souvenir, which was probably a no-no, but, heck, I had to defy something.

Farther down I-10, while cruising along at 80+ mph (speed limit bring 80 mph), I was struck by a sudden heavy thunder-hale-rain storm which sent the Green Hornet hydroplaning until I slow it down to 60 mph without using the brakes. Thereafter, after the storm had eased but not quite ceased, I was treated to a sustained light show of lightning in every direction all the way to the door steps of Kaz in San Antonio.


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