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Letter from Sue Moore

HOWEVER. what chapter in the bible does God forbid the mistreatment of dogs and cats, as in their being abandoned when their owners o longer want them or -are unable to feed and care for, thereby abandoning them on the streets of the city or on the countryside...

Sue Moore

Reply From Frank Hoffman

Dear Sue:

There isn't a separate chapter devoted to dogs and cats, but we were charged with being stewards of God's creation, and abandoning animals is not good stewardship.

Furthermore, Proverbs 12:10 tells us that righteous people have regard for their animals, but that the compassions of the wicked are cruel. Abandoning dogs and cats shows that those people have no regard for their animals, and abandonment is cruel to the animals, which proves that such people are wicked.

We hope this helps.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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