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Letter from Jackie Ngidi - 20 June 2011

Good day

I am a proud Catholic, an African, and mother of two.

I must say I agree with Arch Bishop Daniel, the Word says do not add nor subtract to the teachings of the bible.

Animal sacrifice is an abomination to our faith, it is not hard to understand Hebrews chapter 9 verse 12 especially.

Our Lady did say She is going to raise priests that will do the will of God and I pray it happens in my lifetime.

We need to be firm in protecting the faith, most of all we need to know the difference.

Most of the people that are leaving our faith are leaving it because of this unnecessary practice.

I for one almost left but I thank God for I know and understand my bible.

My son wants to leave because of these acts, my brother left because of this act.

When are we as people going to stop compromising God, when are we going to stop grieving the Holy Spirit, when are we going to stop belittling Jesus?

The Word says if you do not accept Jesus then you are self condemning yourself.

Come on guys, this is not difficult to understand, please God and shame the devil.

Stop throwing unnecessary parties to the devil, the devil strives on blood and by doing this you are pleasing him.

Jesus's Blood is all that we need, it triumphed for us, read the following from Pastor Ayedebo's book:

There is something about the blood of Jesus that made it acceptable to God, for the eternal remission of sin.

There is something about the blood of Jesus that scares the devil to death!

There is so much about the blood of Jesus.

The blood of Jesus is your guarantee for bail.

The blood of Jesus offers you the privilege of being discharged and acquitted so that you can walk in liberty all the days of your life.

Every  time you say, 'the Blood of Jesus!' You are bringing Gods very life on the scene.

By the blood connection we now enjoy the status that Jesus possesses.

The blood is able to give you instant, on the spot deliverance from any form of sickness and disease.

God said about Jesus, 'You are my Son that I love, in you I am well pleased,' read Mark chapter 1'.

Return to God, God cannot be mocked anymore, let us not deny him.

Have a fruitful day.

Jackie Ngidi
Proudly A Catholic, don't mess with my Jesus, Jesus is sitting on the throne and Jesus will come to judge the living and the dead.

Reply from Frank Hoffman

Dear Jackie:

Thank you very much for your comments and outspokenness. We totally agree.

In the Love of the Lord,
Frank and Mary

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