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Myths about Vegetarianism

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Myths about Vegetarianism

MYTH: Vegans are at High Fisk for Vitamin B12 Deficiency

FACT: Vitamin B12 Deficiency is Rare

From Dr. McDougall's Health and Medical Center

"B12 deficiency is rare… Two kinds have been observed. The more common is due to malabsorption of this vitamin as a consequence of diseased conditions of the stomach or of the small intestine. It has nothing to do with the amount of B12 present in the diet, so it is treated with injections of B12. The other kind of B12 deficiency is found very rarely among people who take essentially no B12 in their diet. Less than a dozen cases of this type of B12 deficiency have been reported among the tens of millions of vegetarians in the world. One reason it's so uncommon is that B12 is made by the bacteria naturally present in the human mouth and intestines.… [In addition,] the average American has stored so much B12 in his body's tissues… that twenty to thirty years must pass before you run out of it."

McDougall notes that anyone with concerns about B12 can simply take a supplement on occasion.


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The Meat Free Zone (MFZ) campaign is intended to make the MeatFreeZone logo as recognizable a symbol as the "Smoke Free Zone". The idea was originally conceived  when The WARM Store in Woodstock, NY, was in operation throughout the '90's (Woodstock Animal Rights Movement).  The store was truly a meat free zone as it was the first cruelty-free, Vegan, socially conscious animal rights store in the United States.  Now  that  the Vegan and Vegetarian movements have been growing so rapidly, more and more people are showing concern about the food in their diet and their overall  health and nutrition.  Many people are giving up eating fish, chicken, beef, pork (pigs ), dairy (milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream) and eggs.  Headlines of Mad Cow disease, E-coli and salmonella are in the news with greater frequency.  Vegan and vegetarian recipe cookbooks are standard now  in all bookstores and many restaurants have added Vegan and Vegetarian options to their menus. We hope you will help us with the Meat Free Zone campaign by putting the signs up in your homes and workplaces and by spreading them to all the vegetarian and vegan restaurants that you know and frequent.  And someday we will have true "meat free zones" in establishments that serve meat. (d-4)

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