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Myths about Vegetarianism

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Myths about Vegetarianism

MYTH: Tofu is a Low-Fat Food

FACT: Tofu is 54% Fat

Tofu is a soy bean product. Most meat eaters think that vegetarians need to eat tofu or they won't get enough protein. Actually this is far from the truth. While high in protein, it really isn't necessary to eat tofu at all, as a well rounded Vegan plant based diet supplies all the protein necessary to humans for growth and health. ( a proper Vegan diet is mainly complex carbohydrates, with fats and protein on the low side) In fact, many vegetables are higher in protein than tofu (spinach and broccoli are about 50% protein)

Tofu can be used as a "meat substitute" in stir fry or other vegetarian dishes. It can also be used in many more creative ways including Tofu Cheesecake or Tofu Omelet Scrambles.

Other high protein vegetarian meat substitutes are Tempeh (from soybeans also) and Seitan (from Whole Wheat)

Occasionally one will read some negative press about soy or tofu etc. First of all, it's important to find out accurately who did the studies and who wrote the article. (often the meat and dairy association had connections to it)

It's also important to realize that tofu, even though a bean product, is a "processed" food and it is much healthier to eat a diet comprised of whole foods and to limit our processed foods to a minimum. My personal opinion, while I don't eat much tofu or soy, is that it is far better, in any form or quantity, then eating meat and dairy products and should be used as often as one wants or needs to in order to replace their animal based diet habits.

Andy Glick
Holistic Health Counselor

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The Meat Free Zone (MFZ) campaign is intended to make the MeatFreeZone logo as recognizable a symbol as the "Smoke Free Zone". The idea was originally conceived  when The WARM Store in Woodstock, NY, was in operation throughout the '90's (Woodstock Animal Rights Movement).  The store was truly a meat free zone as it was the first cruelty-free, Vegan, socially conscious animal rights store in the United States.  Now  that  the Vegan and Vegetarian movements have been growing so rapidly, more and more people are showing concern about the food in their diet and their overall  health and nutrition.  Many people are giving up eating fish, chicken, beef, pork (pigs ), dairy (milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream) and eggs.  Headlines of Mad Cow disease, E-coli and salmonella are in the news with greater frequency.  Vegan and vegetarian recipe cookbooks are standard now  in all bookstores and many restaurants have added Vegan and Vegetarian options to their menus. We hope you will help us with the Meat Free Zone campaign by putting the signs up in your homes and workplaces and by spreading them to all the vegetarian and vegan restaurants that you know and frequent.  And someday we will have true "meat free zones" in establishments that serve meat.

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