Lance LandallAnother Play On Words
Poetry by Lance Landall
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Another Play On Words
Poetry by Lance Landall

Do hummingbirds ever sing, do bullfrogs tell tall tales,
Does a sawshark cut up rough, are manta rays only males?
Are thresher sharks just restless, are ladybirds dainty things,
Does an ass just fool around, is a bellbird lord of the rings?

Do sheep often look sheepish, does a swallow gulp its food,
Does a chipmunk dine alone, do lovebirds like being wooed?
Do bats create a racket, does an oarfish sometimes row,
Are wildebeests bewildered, do needlefish actually sew?

Are hornbills very noisy, do wild goats rant and rave,
Do pigs bring home the bacon, do muskrats love aftershave?
Do toads recline on toadstools, are flyingfish highfliers,
Are warblers romantic crooners, do electric eels have wires?

Do fleas itch with excitement, are chameleons changeable,
Is a dormouse a bouncer, are tuna fish musical?
Are adders good with numbers, does a nighthawk stay up late,
Are jewel beetles engaging, do trumpetfish sound that great?

Are blue whales revivable, are stink bugs always left out,
Are crows extremely boastful, do woodchucks chuck wood about?
Do reindeer love wet weather, is a numbat always cold,
Do millipedes mill around, are jellyfish formed in a mould?

Do seals all stick together, is a swift really that fast,
Do frigatebirds ride shotgun, do blow flies have time to gasp?
Is a porpoise a poor cat, is an oilbird pretty slick,
Does a lynx have connections, and does a ferret fossick?

Yes, another play on words, as I can’t resist such fun,
’Though there’s nothing like some humour, when all is said and done.
It helps clear the clouds away, and thus brightens up our day,
So here’s another poem, that hopefully, sends sun your way.

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