Lance LandallCovid-19 Lockdown Poem
Poetry by Lance Landall
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Covid-19 Lockdown Poem
Poetry by Lance Landall

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Tomorrow has never been in anyoneís hands, and so, come Covid Nineteen,
The fragility of life, and folly of putting store in treasures, is seen.
Each day to be treasured instead, so too and more so the lives of the living,
Our love and care steadfast, and thus it not about getting but about giving.

All why come uncertain times, events beyond our control, and anxiety,
We should be looking after each other, lessening the pain and misery.
In other words, helping to steer the ship of human kindness, hands on the wheel,
That we, come every distressing wave, the heart of a lion may reveal.

Yes, that bravery of selflessness midst our own needs and concerns that trouble,
And especially midst the likes of any isolating Covid bubble.
Lockdowns hard on all (one way or another), and separation a cruel thing,
Others struggling far more than we might be, and why for freedom, all caged birds sing.

Such restrictions fill some with fear, and why for me, itís all about FAITH and HOPE,
That something that I believe in that gives me strength and ability to cope.
Many needing release from something, I having known tears and darkness too,
And the other thing thatís helped me on my journey, I would love to say was YOU.

Weíre not just neighbours, but are linked via a historical umbilical cord,
An ancestry that ties us together, the departed and recently moored.
Yes, ships that move in and out of lifeís harbour, the value of each one the same,
Colour, religion and gender not making any difference, nor ones fame.

Some may struggle to reach out given theyíve hampering issues, so mind those thoughts,
Such people needing greater understanding, not La-Z-Boy reclining courts.
They not indifferent, but coping in their own way, and some crying within,
Hugs needed all round, that physical contact, despite any positive spin.

Itís not about me, and itís not about you, but us, we all in the same boat,
And thinking of each other being the only way that we will stay afloat.
And hence those life buoys ó yes, you and I ó lest some fall from the deck, get swept away,
Covid Nineteenís squall testing us all, as we mark off each necessary day.

And so, hereís a personal call for encouragement and love, hugs from afar,
Be they via phone calls, a computer, that smile, that wave, even toot from a car.
Or a promise to call once the dangerís over, to stop and natter next time,
It all about people, ícause what goes íround comes íround, such but loveís rhythm and rhyme. 

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