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Poetry by Lance Landall
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Poetry by Lance Landall

Not an apple, but a cuddle, keeps the doctor away, Yes, a cuddle a day, not an apple a day; I say. And not just I, but others too, are saying the same thing, Knowing, that daily cuddles, greater improvement will bring.

Though apples improve one’s health, cuddles improve health more so, Thus, right throughout one’s lifetime, cuddles shouldn’t ebb, but flow. Cuddles and relationships, together were meant to go, As nothing like a cuddle, helps make relationships grow.

Cuddles make the world go ’round, they’re like water and sunshine, They cause seeds to spring and grow, that ’round others’ lives entwine. They are love’s way of saying, “You mean everything to me,” They’re love’s outward expression, that says, “Yours affectionately.”

Big hugs, little hugs, cute hugs, sweet hugs — yes, all bring pleasure, They’re beautiful moments in time, everyone can treasure. Long hugs, short hugs, firm hugs and tender hugs — they’re all love’s way, For love knows any cuddle, even more love will convey.

They can lift a person up, when they’re feeling rather low, Add to someone’s happiness, leave folk with a warmth and glow. Cuddles help to emphasize, what love whispers in the ear, And love hopes that some cuddles, every day you’ll want to share.

Yes, a cuddle given daily, such a lot of good will do, Though more than one is better, and I’m not just meaning two. Personally, I love hugs, as that’s just the way I’m made, For I’m a human being, for whom hugs are custom-made.

I’d rather have a cuddle, than an apple, any day, Even though apples are great, and health-wise, certainly pay. And I’m sure I’m not alone, as cuddles, apples outweigh, For an apple, unlike a cuddle, “I love you,” can’t say.

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