Lance LandallDear Sir
Poetry by Lance Landall
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Dear Sir
Poetry by Lance Landall

My dear son was killed in the war, thus his young life was snatched away,
And his pup still waits at the gate thinking that he’ll come home some day.
We’re taking this loss very badly, 'cause we've lost the son I bore,
And I just cannot believe, Sir, that he’ll not come back through the door.

My hubby has gone very quiet, and I am shedding tears all day,
Our life is just not the same now, 'cause its sparkle has gone away.
Now each day seems rather empty, and the dreams we had lie shattered,
'Cause the blood of our much loved son, Sir, on foreign soil is scattered.

Was this war avoidable? If it was, who has blood on their hands,
Who is therefore guilty of murder, who devised such monstrous plans?
Yes, who is guilty, Sir? Perhaps many, I really do not know,
And I’m just hoping that my son did not die pointlessly so.

His younger sister has his photo in a frame beside her bed;
“Oh, mummy”, she keeps on crying, “I just can’t believe that he’s dead".
Her other brother is angry, 'cause his best mate has gone for good,
And he won’t talk about his grief, even though I think that he should.

Daughters too, sir, have been killed — oh, how such news shocks when it arrives,
Oh, how I hate all this warring, 'cause such shows no respect for lives.
Some have lost a husband or wife…excuse me…"What did you say, dear?"
Oh no, another soldier has just died, thus more folk grief will share.

Ever since our dear son’s death, every new death has just fed our pain,
'Cause it seems that there’s no let up, and it’s so hard to bear such strain.
And we can’t help but wonder, could these deaths have all been in vain?
Though war's always a dreadful waste of lives, all this killing insane.

My heart has been badly broken, Sir, and the hearts of others too,
'Cause my son won’t be coming back — no, someone’s son my son slew.
Thus our lives are in tatters. Tell me, was this war necessary,
I mean, really necessary? I need to know. Yours sincerely.

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