Lance LandallDonít Bolt It
Poetry by Lance Landall
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Donít Bolt It
Poetry by Lance Landall

I wouldnít bolt the door, friend, as you could well be wrong, you know,
For though we're entitled to our view, knowledge we donít outgrow.
And if the view you hold is wrong, you might hear, ďI told you so,Ē
Or soon hear yourself exclaiming the proverbial, ďOh, no!Ē

Itís alright to hold a view, and to believe that itís correct,
But you are treading on thin ice if somehow a lock has clicked.
Itís one thing to close a door ó another, to bolt or lock it,
For such locked or bolted doors are never to oneís benefit.

The mind is not for locking, otherwise, thoughts wonít freely flow,
Which is why a door has hinges, so things in and out can go.
A door also has a handle which benefits you and I,
Amidst a conversation when I chatter and you reply.

And then when youíve made up your mind, you can gently close the door,
But donít forget that handle, for views you hold may have a flaw.
Yes, they may need to go back out, and something else be let in,
For thatís how we make sure that only whatís right abides within.

Some folk have a mind that is bound with an unbreakable chain,
Which is why faulty beliefs deep within their mind oft remain.
And the key to open the lock thatís attached to that old chain,
Appears to have been misplaced, and a new one hard to obtain.

Yes, we should have an open mind, one that isnít shut, that is,
One that is always prepared to listen, to assess and quiz,
For though we donít have to accept what we believe isnít true,
We should always have the time for someone elseís point of view.

So, donít lock it or bolt it, nor invest in a solid chain,
For such will just prevent growth, and in a groove you will remain.
Challenges are good for us, and often that is how we find
That we have been entertaining a wrong viewpoint in our mind.

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