God So Loved the World
Poetry By Anthony James

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God So Loved the World
Poetry By Anthony James

~God so loved the world~

The Creation for Salvation
~The World~
The Savior
God's Son

Jesus Christ
The King
Our Lord

He Who Is Love
He Who Is Father
He Who Is Shepherd

~The World~
The Creation for Salvation

The Earth is Quaking
Souls Are Breaking
Jesus Is Saving!

Falling down
Our shattered crowns
Broken down
Shouting Out!

Born a sinner
Raised a winner
Through the World
I will lose everything

Don't look at me
I was wrong, I'm not the me I used to see
My mirror lied-
I loved pride

I thought I could
Gain the World
Rise to the sky
Thought I would impress you-

I am a child
Take something away
And I want to die
Give something to me
I am full of pride

A million trials

Your World
Your Patience
Your Mercy

Turning the wretched around
We become good men-
Born Again-

The Holy Spirit Arrives
I am the worst of the worst
Being Sanctified
I Am Alive

The Good Shepherd has found me
Farther away than I would ever believe
He found me-
Put me on His shoulder
I wept on His sleeve

And I Am Free!

From the world that killed me!
And I will live now for an Eternity
And my Lord is Jesus
Who Saved me

And my love is True for Him
As His is for me-

And it is done.

It is done!

~for me~