Lance LandallGodís Presence
Poetry by Lance Landall
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Godís Presence
Poetry by Lance Landall

We see God in the rainbow, that reminds us of His love, And in the starry bodies, that twinkle at night, above. We see God in those sunsets, that prior to dusk, cast their glow, And in the hills and mountains, from which fountains gush and flow.

We see God in the forest, where many living things dwell, And also in lush jungles, where exotic creatures thrill. We see God in the rivers, and brooks and lakes, throughout earth, Heís seen in new born babies, whose first cry is heard at birth.

We see God in the sunshine, that soon warms us with its rays, Even in cotton wool clouds, on those not so sunny days. We see God in the meadows, and in wrapped flower bouquets, Heís seen in wholesome humour, and in answers to prayers, one prays.

We see God in the seasons, that various changes bring, Refreshing days of autumn, the blossoms that come in spring. The cleansing cool of winter, that breeze on a summerís day, Those contrasts of each season, that delight us, not dismay.

We see God in affection, in tenderness and mercy, And in compassionate acts, kind deeds, also chivalry. We see God in friendliness, in fellowship, and harmony, In unconditional love, and, appropriate intimacy.

We see God in selflessness, and in generosity, Also in benevolence, or folk acting pleasantly. We see God in gratefulness, and in worship thatís self free, And where thereís praise of others, never where thereís praise of ME.

The reason God is seen, in these things Iíve stated here, Is because, Heís our Creator, hence His presence is everywhere. Not only in creation, but in each action, word, and thought, That has the stamp of Heaven, and our holy Godís support.

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