Halo Crown
Poetry By Anthony James

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Halo Crown
Poetry By Anthony James

The Father sees me
And calls me-
Dead, hit by a car
He takes me...

To Heaven.

An Angel walked me,
Into a place-
A wall of such height...

A room full of Angels
Male and Female

All are nude-
They lay among one another-
There is a high wall
Of Gold and White Marble
Incense burn-
Smoke fills the air
And Rays of Light pierce through
Tall Stained Windows-
The Wall is Sacred...
Revealing Saints within the clefts of it-

Robed, wearing Golden Crowns-
I lift my head, high
Like the side of a Pyramid
Glittering Gold...
And white marble...

The Majesty of our Lord
Is Among us, here...
The Spirit Is Felt-

Peace and Gladness is full
But there are sorrows for me
And I must return,
What could bring even a young boy
To return to the world?

For his mother?
For his father?
For his brothers?
For his sisters?
And a man walks toward me
He is holding a Crown-
In the middle of it are blue gems and white diamonds
They are like a band, spinning round and round
In the midst of the Crown
The Crown is Golden-

He walks over to me-
I am utterly speechless
Hoping the man will give the Crown to me
For it is so beautiful-

And he walks toward me
And I am befelled with sorrow in my heart
I fall to my knees with sorrow
I fall away.....

And on the street that I lay bloodied
My bones piercing my four year old skin..
My eyes open-

To my mother's cry...

And we look into each others eyes.

By Anthony James , © 2012, All rights reserved.
Author notes

and I heard a voice in my head;

"those who do not see and cannot love me because of this.. I shall dwell, then, in my loved ones, who will be their loved ones.. and these will Know me, for I will Reveal Myself to them, and they will tell them who do not believe, about me". That I am the LORD, their God".