Anthony James

Happy Birthday
Poetry By Anthony James


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Happy Birthday
Poetry By Anthony James

Happy Birthday

My Father, You gave me Your Breath Of Life
Filled me with Consciousness, I Thank You.
Eternal Home awaits the Worthy and the True
I am working for You, for Me, for Your Heaven.
Thank You My Father.

My past is awash, I have seen it fall and splash
it dissolves away with the past of everyone else too
and everyday is new, today is my Birthday- From You!
Thank You My Father.

My Present is just that always a 'Present'
That chance to earn the Gift of Heaven
It is in this Present Day.
Thank You My Father.

My Future is there I cannot see it
but I know it is there if You Will It To Be!
I am ever growing, getting closer to You
and still I am Me.
Thank You My Father.

Today, My Birthday, I Honor You.
You Have Given Me Life-
Thank You My Father!

Author's Note:

I wrote this poem back in 2011-

In reading it I find errors in the message..  there is no 'earning'

Salvation.. or "working" for Eternity.

But I wrote it then as I did, I see that many people have read it...probably Catholics...and what you see here was the catholic that was still in me when I wrote it. May God clear us all up in these matters, through the Word. Because the Word clearly reveals to us these things. 

Salvation is a Gift of Grace. We never truly deserve it. Jesus did it all. We are sinners and the wage of sin is death. And Jesus died for this reason. So, how could it ever be that we have 'earned' anything? It would be to say that Jesus died for us in vain.. that it was 'ourselves' who Saved us. Tsk, tsk tsk...what a shame to not "Know".  May every one get to Know the Truth which is in The Word. Amen.

Anthony James