His Plan(et)...It Is Done!
Poetry By Anthony James

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His Plan(et)...It Is Done!
Poetry By Anthony James

There is a math, to the essence of sin-
No mind of a man can calculate-
Only God's mind can extrapolate,
this data-

You sin, I sin, we sin-
Our sins snowball into more sins
Sins become lies,
Lies became 'man's truth'

Now the math is beyond us-
We might as well just forget about it-
God, now, begins to turn-
To peer down upon His children-
Who have fallen, to the evil one-
Imprisoned, one and all,
Good and bad.

And in this, God turns to see-
That now, we will need-
His Son- Jesus Christ-
To set the innocent free!

To sift through the hearts
Of every single Soul-
From his end, to his start.

And when this is done-
The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in One-
Prepare to Come-

Glory in Light-
Take Flight- Through The Heaven's
His Word brought to Life-
Everything moves out of Their way-
The stars, the galaxies, the planets
Bowing to Them-

Then the sky will open-
The Chariot of Salvation will descend-
The Angel's will Trumpet-
The seas will rumble-
The earth will quake-

The dead and the living-
Together are risen-
Caught up- so light,

They Rise-
No more tears from their eyes-
No more pain in their hearts
They are off now to the place
Where they belong-
At long last-

And they are new-
And God's ways are made known to them-

And a Man stands upon a blinding White Horse-
He too is bright as the Sun-
His Tongue Is As Two Swords- That Speak Truth-
To a men who have never known it-
And there is weeping and gnashing of teeth-

And sorrow fills the air-
As His (S)words are sharpened -
One by the other-

April 6, 2011 © Anthony James , All rights reserved