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Poetry by Lance Landall
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Hi There
Poetry by Lance Landall

Iím what is called a human, Iím part of the human race, Iíve a mouth, two ears and eyes, and a nose sits on my face. I have a hairy carpet, that is covering my head, And because I do get tired, I just spend each night in bed.

I have also got two legs, both with a hip at one end, Because, very regularly, Iíve a certain need to bend. The other end of my legs, are sporting two five toed feet, Which keep me standing upright, when not sitting on my seat.

In the middle of each leg, I have what is called a knee, Which if I misplace bed socks, help me under my bed see. They also come in handy, regarding a wife-to-be, For when one is proposing, one can go down on their knee.

Iím rather elongated, with odd bulges here and there, My tummy has a button, but donít ask me why itís there. I have also got two arms, each with fingers and a hand, Which I find come in handy, when attempting a head stand.

I find my toes quite useful, when a biscuit tinís too high, And the muscles in my legs, needed speed can soon supply. In the middle of my arms, I have elbows that help too, For when Iím feeling weary, I can lean on them, and do.

Iíve a neck that I can turn, when I need to look around, One that I can quickly tilt, should some money hit the ground. Iíve a tongue and lots of teeth, that enable me to eat, And lips Iím often licking, for Iím partial to a treat.

Iíve shoulders that are handy, when Iíve loads upon my mind, And when my shoulders massaged, it can help me to unwind. Iíve a back for lying on, when the daily chores are done, And Iíve a sense of humour, hence this poem I hopeís fun.

Oh, did I forget my thumb? Sorry. Itís what I use to strum.

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