I Didn't Think It Would Actually Happen
Poetry By Anthony James

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I Didn't Think It Would Actually Happen
Poetry By Anthony James

I am alone now, just You and me...
I missed You, lost You-
died without You, You Saved Me
Jesus and me-

Together again-
Never alone, I left you Friend-
You were Loyal, True, Patient
I told you I'd be okay
I ran away

running from The Throne
Running away from Home
A vast journey toward my self
so little this way
nothing to gain when you move away
from Everything...

I have been blessed, none the less
With A Miracle-
I cried Jesus, sorrowful and stricken
With Your Truth, I fell to my knees, repented
knocking on my Heart with a hope it would
start to beat for You again, if You could

You keep With me, since it all- I am lost to describe it all
I ask you, sometimes you show me things
I ask for signs innocently, I see you in the black bird's white wings
I ask for flowers and they come to me- strangely

In my prayer you did hear,
I would love to see your face somewhere
on some toast, or a stain on my window
it will look like Mary or Jesus- Show me
then I will know who Helped me.

I Love You Mary!

I never expect such things
I've seen enough in dreams
I know things, and then the same day there you are
on the Tree- You Have Set Me Free! I touch Thee-
Do You feel my little fingers on the Tree?
I Love You Jesus

Close by now, You and me.
Our Love Moves Both Ways Now-
You know me. I know of You.

All Love.

I will take it all. I will hear and see Your call.