"I'm With You" - Jesus Christ
Poetry By Anthony James

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"I'm With You" - Jesus Christ
Poetry By Anthony James

Hold it, I cannot find a balance
I am wobbly, and weak
And where does this, dirt, road lead?
I look back, a thousand miles worth of footprints-

It looks as though there are so many?
But I know I am not alone,
From the beginning to the end-
I am not alone.

I look back, a thousand miles worth of footprints-

I see a scattered flow, of my foot work
Staggering on hungry days
Off the beaten path
I remember my ways-

And I see bones of those betrayed
Along the way-
Those who chose to walk alone-
All the day.

And, again-
I look back, a thousand miles worth of footprints-

Oh what is it?
What is it that keeps me?
How is it, I sleep and wake still?

You know this path I tread,
Is long and arduous-
Dusty and tired-
I am quieted now by it all.

The sun is strong and I am pain
And, yet, in my ways-
Here come the rain.

And all my footprints are cleared
Oh where have I been?
Will anyone know?
Has anyone kept track?

Oh, this ache- of sorrowful hopefulness
Oh, this rain- is pouring down on me
Quenching me, drenching me-
And it keeps me alive-
And tomorrow I will eat too-
And in the midst of my frame
My heart beats through-
Like a drum, I beat onward-

I look back a thousand miles worth of footprints-
Are gone.

And what could it be?
That has kept me?
What gentle power has carried me?
Was it my own power, pressed down in my footprints?

Or was it those mysterious
Little tracks- I'd always see
On the road, before and behind me?

I always saw them-
And I wondered
The strength of He who can endure such a journey-
Whose tracks never end.

And I begin to 'see'
That I am not alone
And I begin to know
That I am being led by them

And I get on my knees
To get to close to them-
And 'I See'

They are the hoof prints of a Lamb.
And they are still there- behind and ahead-
Though my tracks are gone-

And so I know
I know that it's not where I've been that matters
It's where I'm going,
And who I am following.

April 10, 2011 © Anthony James , All rights reserved