Poetry By Anthony James


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Poetry By Anthony James

I was a boy
When You first came through-
You entered my thoughts
And You still do.

I don't exaggerate-
I'm much older now
In retrospect, You held my tongue
And I learned in awe-
What it felt like to not articulate
The things I saw-

Is this not the most Powerful God?

Oh, Father-
Your ways are not my ways
Your Mind I can only Praise

Oh, God- above the highest ceiling
I have had just a taste-
A taste, Jesus, of Your Powerful Healing
Did You circumcise my heart
Did You Save me, Lord?
Did I live through a blaze?
After dying by the Sword?

Faith, a Powerful thing!
Like a Rope, reaching Him
Out from the Fire
Saved, despite my sin-

And what is that like?
Everyone wants to know-
But my tongue, Lord, You hold-

And everything I say
From my heart is Gold-
And everything they hear-
Their ear, Lord, You hold

Oh My Father-
You Are God
You Alone.
The Codder-

You have opened me
To go without You
You have closed me
To truth-

A most Powerful God,
Are You!

Your ways are not my ways
And this home,
Is not The Home-

Lord, such things You will do-
And, Your children,
No one can pluck from You.

You Are Incomprehensibly,