Infinite Mysteries
Poetry By Anthony James


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Infinite Mysteries
Poetry By Anthony James

Infinite Mysteries

Deep into the sea
I have never been
Beyond earth's atmosphere
I have never been
I have never pet a Lion
I have not touched a crocodile

I have never laid flat on my back on the ocean's floor
Nor have I touched a star with even my pinky
But I have touched the face of a woman
And I have kissed the lips of a lover
And in my arms I held her truly and loved her-
I have scored a touchdown in flag football
Hit a grand slam against my best friend in a game of stickball
I had a great time drinking and laughing

I've done some things
Some things I have not not-
I was born
And I will die
Told the truth
Told a lie

I have walked
I have run
I have skipped
I have tripped

I have heard a voice in my head every single day of my life
I talk out loud and inside my head
And so do you.

Oh My God!
I have a story to tell You-
The pages are flapping in my heart
By the wind of the Holy Spirit
Searching me-
Dwelling in me
Full of Grace
Peaceful face

I am lifted by a wind
I have money in my hand and want to give it away
The money floats out of my hand
Some of the money turns into small green and white crumbs in my hand
Some of the money turns into green and white birds

I see this happen before my eyes
And I laugh and giggle-
I am full of the Holy Spirit-
And the little birds that were dollar bills fly around in a circle
And land upon the palm of my hand and eat the little crumbs
And I giggle

And I am lifted in a Wind