Inner Circle
Poetry By Anthony James


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Inner Circle
Poetry By Anthony James

I have a name,
I am in a body
Among the others of this place
I just came to be
Not quite sure if I'm a guest,
Or if I'm part of some elaborate family?

Either way, I am not fitting in here at all?

Is there some transmission problem?
Am I an opposite magnet to everyone?
And do I have to try harder than everyone else-
Putting that burden upon myself-
The burden that consumes my energy, spirit and soul?
The burden that draws a death upon me
Causing me to have no choice but to walk away

Sand in my hand
Tears falling over the bump of my cheek
Dripping down upon my tired little feet

I am alone-
And I am in a body-
Among others in this place
And I have a name and a face

And sometimes I want to remain the stranger-
And sometimes I want to be different
Because I do not want to be like them-
And sometimes I turn on myself-
And find that I am even a stranger to myself?

But I have to say,
There has always been a voice in my head-
Telling me- I'm okay.

Always that feeling,
Though, alone-
That I am understood and loved?
But, not from anyone here.

And isn't that an interesting thing.

March 29, 2011 © Anthony James , All rights reserved