Is This a Poem?
Poetry By Anthony James


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Is This a Poem?
Poetry By Anthony James

The bible says to follow the Holy book and life will be fine
But don't we usually believe that 'it's up to us' as to how our life will be?

I did!

I thought well, it's me who has to go to college, not god?
So, how can God take the credit for what I do?
And how then can I truly be free if I just do things that I think God wants me to do?

Everyone grapples with this, I think? But truly I don't know if 'everyone' really does-

So there I go-
On my own.
I can do this!
And I did do some things-
I went to college, graduated.. got a job.. went to Grad school!

The more I did, the more I said "see, it's all me"
Hmmm... hey.. pssst! things didn't go too well for me...and you know what!
Things don't go too well for so many people?
Isn't that interesting?
I mean, no! I mean "ISN'T THAT INTERESTING"?

Yeah! That interests me a lot!

So when did I fall from my mountain and how?
That's not important- but the lesson I learned is.
I am a born-again Christian.. and to this you say 'huh'?

Blah blah blah.. born again shmorn again!

Well, actually to be born again is just like being born the first time..
Out of mommy's womb- how? We are born of God's Will-
I'm not talking about the flesh
I'm talking about the Spirit and Soul that reside in the fleshy body!
I know we don't see them- we only see the fleshy body-
So, like the scientist's of the world we only believe what we see!
This speaks about 'faith' and the lack thereof.

So, I was born again- By God's Hand... Renewed!
If you honestly feel "why would anyone ever say they are re-born"-
I fervently say to you that you should be saying,
"Why have I not been re-born"-
The Bible does say it is necessary to enter the Kingdom of Heaven and,
I am here to say 'being re-born' is actual thing that happens.
So if this is true, you should at least think about it.

"What am I doing wrong"?

No one can tell, except me and those who are re-born.
It's not something a true 're-born' person chooses one day-
It is something God does for an individual based on his or her True Heart-

It is a parallel- that God can Save us in our flesh.. and in our Spirit-
God is in control.. Always was, and will be!
Despite our own sense of independency!

The answer is to sit down and cry and humble our hearts all the way down to zero pride-
From this place, you only climb higher and higher in His Truth and Love-

And oh "Eternity"? pffff.. what's that? I mean 'fairytale' alert!!!!
No. it's not a fairytale.
I really hope you get to this revelation,
Because it really is the whole purpose and meaning of your present life.


January 15, 2011 © Anthony James , All rights reserved