Lance LandallIt Goes Like This
Poetry by Lance Landall
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It Goes Like This
Poetry by Lance Landall

Someone greets you, or, you greet them, and you both stand and chat, Then, during that conversation, things suddenly go flat. Someone else has come along, greeting who you’re talking to, And a new conversation, has proceeded without you.

Or maybe you’re included, in this new conversation, But you’re still far from happy, you’ve had this visitation. However, you bear with it, though wishing that it weren’t so, And feel guilty, that you’re hoping, they very soon will go.

Yes, we should approach with care, those having a conversation, Lest we act somewhat rudely, and cause some irritation. Who knows whether it’s private, and how much that chat might mean, To either of those chatting, when we chance upon that scene.

Unless it is very clear, they’re welcoming us their way, We shouldn’t interrupt them, lest their chatting go astray. Just give them a quick greeting, and then continue walking, For we shouldn’t try to join, two people who are talking.

Those who are busy chatting, should sometimes gently convey, That our greeting them is fine, if we don’t intend to stay. But if we act correctly, they won’t need to say a thing, For we will simply greet them, and thoughtfully, elsewhere swing.

Perhaps one of those greeted, might be happy if we stay, But what about the other? Do they also feel that way? Hence there’s a need for prudence, when we see people talking, So, sometimes just say, “Hello,” and still continue walking.

Yes, a little thought’s needed, in case we disturb a chat, As either of those we greet, may not appreciate that. Imagine how you might feel, if such a visitation, Spoilt, or put an end too, your own deep conversation.

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