Lance LandallIt Matters
Poetry by Lance Landall
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It Matters
Poetry by Lance Landall

 Children need a male presence, and a female one as well, A father figure, a mother figure, that in the same home dwell. Yes, a masculine role model, and a feminine one too, Otherwise — the chances are — that somewhere, things will go askew.

A man can’t be a woman, a woman can’t be a man, No, they’re completely different — it’s all part of nature’s plan. They don’t think and act the same, they differ naturally, They compliment each other, somewhat like a lock and key.

They’re equal in worth and being, but function differently, They each have their roles to play, hopefully in harmony. Their goal? Their marriages well-being, and that of their family, Along with: Each other’s well-being; which, ‘self’ puts in jeopardy.

Children need a mum and dad. If either’s missing — it matters, And often, that loss of either, a child’s well-being shatters. Their father or mother may be about — but even so — When a parent leaves the home, their child’s harmed, and ill will flow.

No, a solo mother cannot be a father as well, Nor will solo fathers, trying to be mothers, fit the bill. Both may do their very best, to be both to their child, but, A woman’s not a man, nor a man a woman — it’s that clear cut.

If it really doesn’t matter, could someone please tell me why, Those children in broken homes, far more often go awry? No, earth’s history has shown, and wisdom itself declares: Children need a mum and dad, that stay together, through the years.

Women are unique, men too. Without each other, they’re incomplete. Hence why children need both, if their needs, we truly wish to meet. Yes, a child needs each gender, involved in their daily life; A male and female, a mum and dad, a husband and wife.

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