It's Time
Poetry By Anthony James


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It's Time
Poetry By Anthony James

In hell there is no time-

No church bells will ever chime

No sleep, no rest-

The first thing you lose

Is your God given mind

No sins in hell-

No goodness that inspires

Those days are over

No bible is required

No confessing or repenting

Those things have expired

You lived free to run

You became whom you chose to become

All you wanted were things of the world, desired-

And you wanted Heaven too-

In the after-life

And this was no surprise-

And on earth you got your way

By wealth or cunning play

And all the love you ever had

And it was abundant, you must admit

But you gave it all to yourself

In total faithlessness-

And now you meet a courts-man

With an air of self-importance

Your ways are still your ways

It is time-

For your name, man

This is the death of who you were-

Who you knew yourself to be...

And whom everyone knew you as-

This causes great sorrow-

For you and for them-

And you know a Truth

That your life was always borrowed

And now the Law of God

The Written Word

Is uncovering your sins

Un-repented soul

Who knows his Truth now,

Kneels down-

- - - - -

And there is weeping and gnashing of teeth-

- - - - -

His Countenance Is Of A Lion

His Heart Is Of A Lion

His Crown Is Golden

.. and it's time.