I've Always Known You
Poetry By Anthony James

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I've Always Known You
Poetry By Anthony James

did you search my heart?
my heart did rend for love
my dear, how I sought help

I saw people in the room
sickly on the bed, I saw
who could save this soul from dying?

afraid and hopeless
I became sorrowful
I wanted hope
but I was settling
I wanted a savior
but no doctor, could I see

and there was a big hole in me-

then I did see the back of a tall man-
he walked into the room
he put his hand into the hole
and healed the sick parts

he showed me how he did it
placing two fingers upon my shoulder
I felt this surge throughout my body-
bringing me to my knees

I stood,
I put my shoulder to his bosom
and held his hand in my palm
I wept of appreciation- sobbing of love for him.
thin olive skin and prominent bones
my fingers running over them
like a piano

and kissed His Hand over and over-
while I held it
of True Love-

and I could feel him start to weep, also-
the two of us
Loving each other Truly.

Jesus I love You so much.