Lance LandallJust Be There
Poetry by Lance Landall
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Just Be There
Poetry by Lance Landall

You know how it goes, donít you? Well, I am sure that many people do,
Yes, such is the last thing that you're needing, and it makes you feel worse too.
Iím sure that such people mean well, and that they're trying to help, but slug!
Out comes all that worthy advice, when what youíre needing is just a hug.

Yes, you've heard it all before, even said the same things to others too,
Therefore, you know that what they are saying is unquestionably true.
But there is always a time and place, and it certainly isnít now,
And because they're just not seeing that, all their pithy words rub, and how! 

Youíre already feeling down, and are struggling under some pressing weight,
Thus, itís encouragement that you need, and not what will exacerbate.
Youíre hurting, you're frustrated, you're discouraged, and are down in the dumps,
And you can well do without what amounts to just thoughtless wordy thumps.

Sometimes people say things poorly, incorrectly, or even badly,
And then your spirits sink, you recoil, even feel worse physically,
For you're just wanting a helping hand, and not a fist full of advice,
But rather, a hug ó or someone's arm around the shoulder would be nice.

Yes, most of us have our moments ó those upsetting times when down we go,
Those times when we may well lose heart, perhaps, or an inner weakness show.
And that is when we are needing support, a word of comfort, a hug,
And not a fist full of more advice, wordy thumps, or some heavy slug.

So often words aren't needed, nor wanted, but rather, some love and care,
Which is why people should listen far more ó in other words, just be there.
Sometimes itís just their presence, and that compassion that's seen in their eyes,
Or that arm around your shoulder that calms, heals, and warmly satisfies.

Yes, sometimes we're just needing a friend, and not a counsellor or sage,
A friend who is there when they're needed, and who our times of need can gauge.
And should we desire words, then only from friends who will mind what they say,
For something that is said unwisely, can upset more, or ricochet.

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