Lake of Fire
Poetry By Anthony James


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Lake of Fire
Poetry By Anthony James

 I've slipped, my back heal

must have rolled along

the rounded edges of pills

down I went,

into a spell

lost my breath

and went to hell

in hell the sound of flint

struck upon my stony heart

the sound of ignition

of all my fleshy parts

made me jump

then I fell, slumped

burning flesh

the smell of death

the flesh of my nose, dripped down

and my face turned bone

and the bones of my fingers clang

against the bones of my cheek and jaw

and I think to myself

this is the sickest thing I ever saw

and the fire burns away my organs and intestines

and I fall down into the puddle of melt

and I no longer need to stand

nor the use of neither foot nor hand

my spirit, contained

in a small box

flowing steadily

in a lava stream

throwing many down into

can you believe this, s#!t?

a, f!#@ing, lake of fire