Poetry By Anthony James

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Poetry By Anthony James

my weakness
I've been here before,
when will i turn this loop
into a hoop
it’s my circle
I can fall through
riding round
on the rim of this issue

I’d like to go anywhere but here
which is exactly why I am here again
I need to feel this pain out I know that
but who likes withdrawals,
everything in life is an addiction
my life, that is.

lonesomeness is my affliction

I need to do this math,
feel out these problems
sit and cry,
sleep and wake
let my brain show all the work
the next day

I’ll have more to give
I know where I want to live
it’s the ladder of pain to get there
I keep falling from...

Here I go again.
I’m my own enemy, after all
it’s me, every time, who falls.
it’s me who gets back up,
it’s me who falls again.

an infinite flaw
in my Soul
I fear it will kill me
or I will die without it.