Lonely Lamb
Poetry By Anthony James

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Lonely Lamb
Poetry By Anthony James

Let me be the lamb, I have tried for You since my childhood-
even the lamb strays, I have told this in my prayers- I am so sorry, Lord.
Please forgive me.

But let me be this lamb in Your arms, Jesus-
let a love like this, here, be ours to share-
upon my return to You in my heart-
I ask that You please wait for me to turn back-
away from the lessons of flesh and sin-
I pray for You to be there? Please be there.
I have repented. I tell the truth, though I sin still-
I know this to be an eluding fact.

I have fallen to my knees in sorrow- I am a man
my eyes are closed, in prayers to You I weep-
stretched up arms, reaching for You
open hands, my heart seeks to receive You

When I am most tired from lesson after lesson
and betrayal by those I hold dearest- I feel so lonely-
I will try to be the lamb, for You, my Lord-

When I am unable to go on any longer,
Take me then, Lift me then-Hold me then,
to Your bosom- and I will press against You then,
I will rest against You, then, like this lamb.