Love Spoke
Poetry By Anthony James


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Love Spoke
Poetry By Anthony James


You have lived in my thoughts-
Since my first thought came to be-
I have been Your son, since I was a boy.
I prayed to You at night-
Seeing myself before countless Angel's
Speaking about You-

How I loved You-
And my Sermon's were so inspiring-
To me!

And I thought to myself-
Lord, I am so shy,
That when the day come, I lose my meek-
I will preach about You, of Your Love I will speak.

And this went on-
Crowds were growing in huge numbers-
And I spoke at a table-
Full of Love and Grace
Father, I remember!
I asked you, dear Lord-
Please, Jesus, I know my life will be challenging-
Somehow, my Lord, I knew?
I always asked You, even though,
Just a boy?
After a long, beautiful sermon-
Just before a 'Good Night' I would reach for Your Hand
And just a little boy-
I asked that You never let go of my hand?
When I grow older-

You would say nothing,
And you didn't have to,
And in that I'd fall away to sleep-

And I sing to the World, I Praise You!
You are my Father!
I have always Loved You-
Even when this world didn't know You-
And even as I lay smothered in sin among faithless men

There You were, holding my little hand.

Thank You-
Our love is eternal.

And I always remember that time,
when love spoke.

and like a dream-
this love flowed like a stream.

April 2, 2011 © Anthony James , All rights reserved