Lance LandallMake A Stand
Poetry by Lance Landall
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Make A Stand
Poetry by Lance Landall

Itís very selfish, folly, (even sin), and it exhibits weakness too,
Whenever people remain silent when thatís clearly not the thing to do.
For such is how evil prospers ó yes, how good things end up going astray,
Which is simply repeating history ó something that clearly doesnít pay.

We should always stand up and speak out wherever there is a clear need to,
Because not doing so is cowardly, and can soon lead to what we'll rue.
We should never let fear of man stop us from doing whatever is right,
And nor should we ever sit on the fence, for that too, trouble can invite.

Yes, so much is lost because of those who are too frightened to make a stand,
Or who foolishly bow to peer pressure ó thereby, following the current band.
And as far as any weak-kneed fence sitter goes, theyíre just as guilty too,
For both fear and indecision are evilís cue ó and hence how wrong gets through.

It never pays to play follow the leader, nor to join puppet brigades,
Or to perch upon those fences that inevitably some evil aids.
No, I wouldn't go giving evil more time, nor the opportunity,
But rather, simply call a spade a spade, stand up and speak out fearlessly.

When confronted with something that is wrong, friend, denounce it, but prudently,
Yes, make a stand, cast your vote, even remove yourself if necessary ó
For it could well be that there might be certain things that should see you depart,
Lest their wrongful influence have a negative effect, harden your heart.

Tell me, could it be you've got something to lose if you chose to speak your mind?
Some position or job perhaps? Even friends? ó Does such make you disinclined?
Well, let me repeat, thatís how evil prospers, thatís how wrong things get a hold,
Thatís how evil people get to rule, and how citizens end up controlled.

Yes, thereís a much bigger picture, and hence those heroes who have gone before,
Heroes who have boldly made a stand, lest any wrong thing get through the door,
Heroes whoíve made a personal sacrifice for the greater good of all,
Lest even more trouble and heartache their fellow citizens thus befall.

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