Poetry By Anthony James


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Poetry By Anthony James

Graceful And Loving,
An Open Hand,
On Either Side.

How Did I Overlook
The Book?
Where Was I,
When You Looked?

Did You Hear Me Call You?
Out Of Ideas,
Did You See Me Fall Through?

Floating Away,
Nothing To Say
I Prayed.

Did You Hear Your Name?
Did You See My Pain?
Truly Alone,
Truly Ashamed

Was That You?
A Dream,
A Touch Too

So True,
My Heart Is Anew
Oh Mary,
I Love You!

Gentle Hand Pulling,
Pulling Me Up,
To A Better Land

My Dirty Fingers
Upon A Divine Hand
Illuminating Auror

Mother O' God
Thy Heart Is Purer,
Deeper Than Ocean Water

How Do I Thank You?
Gentle, Divine Woman
Mother O' God

I Want To Call You Ma
I Want To Make You Proud
I Want To Be Good
Of My Own Accord

I Want To Go Home
When My Soul Is Right
So, For Now
I Must Go Again

I Have Much To Do
Sacred Life Preserver
My Heart Is For You!

Holy Family,
God, Jesus, Mary and Joseph.