Poetry By Anthony James


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Poetry By Anthony James

I am here alone, everyone else is a soulless being-
there are only as many soulless beings here as I touch with my own hands-
the rest are all an illusion to the eye-
This isn't so many.
You'd be surprised-

No one is real but me.
nothing that I don't touch with my own hand is 3 dimensional-
it didn't need to be-
they are just images on the tv, the newspaper or magazines-
or figments walking around on sidewalks and fake cars rolling along-
if you crash into one, its driver is a soulless 3 dimensional being as is his car-

but not me, I am alive.
I have a Soul and I interact with God-
This is all I can decipher- I am a 1-
They are all 0 (Binary computer language)

It is just, travelling among the maze-
through the confusion of what the puppet-master displays
and a zillion other planets, the same!
1 person per planet. The planet is a virtual reality-

nothing means anything-
everyone is saved-
and Father has missed us-
for as long as we need to stay-

and soon our memories of these planet's will fade-
once we know in our hearts that,
it's just a way-

a way to Truly learn what 'love' is-
a recipe for growth through joy and pain.
once you've Truly learned it,
your reincarnation ends.

Then you go to this 'Heaven' that is mentioned-
Jesus is Your Guide!
When Lost He is The Way-
When in the dark, He is The Light!
Your Belief is Faith.

September 6, 2010. © Anthony James , All rights reserved