Miracle Of Life
Poetry By Anthony James

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Miracle Of Life
Poetry By Anthony James

Souls await my motherhood,
chosen then, I call on them-
I am sorry you are not yet here with me

doctor's are trying to help
science is postulating a theory
I am still here for you-
I will never give up on you
I am a Mother, sorrowful still strong in will

I have reached out to others
seeking the love and the way
to a Miracle for Mother's-

I am thinking and trying
living and dying with every loss
and in the course of this all I must surrender-

Oh Lord, Jesus Christ Almighty-
Lord, God of suffering and sorrow
I call upon You and you turn to me,
though, You, I have turned from and spurned

You come towards my words in my first prayer
You hear- I am asking for a Miracle of Life-
I am asking for a Love, denied-

Lord, I call upon your Saint in his holy place
St. Gerard- your flight to me-
Holy Spirit of God's Trinity- I see the dove through the trees-
I say these words, whether mine or not-
You see this Truth that's in my heart.

August 26, 2010. © Anthony James , All rights reserved