My Light is Your Favorite Color
Poetry By Anthony James


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My Light is Your Favorite Color
Poetry By Anthony James

I know you're gone, I see you in visions-
are you sure or uncertain of your past?
I bet you are neither, nor do you care-
you were always strong in Spirit,
and your Soul, like everyone else,
learning and earning, its place-

I see your face, seen it so many times
in mine- but now it's only in my head-
I know we won't see eachother again
I hope we see eachother in the end-

I'll wait there for you, or find you there-
I want to thank you, I know your part in my life
I know your time was given to me, and it wasn't ever easy-
I know-

And what do I give you back in return?
only the most heartfelt love my heart can give
echoing throughout my mind and in my thoughts
oh what good is that, right?

You'll see!
My light, full of love, full of life!
it's so bright, you'll see.. you'll love it-
a beacon, on that day, to find you-

and my light is your favorite color
and then I'll see you,

and our best love is in the same place.

August 20, 2010. © Anthony James , All rights reserved