Ooda Kooda Wooda
Poetry By Anthony James

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Ooda Kooda Wooda
Poetry By Anthony James

lift me up on man's shoulder's
I want to be a man, a man-
I think that men are grand, so grand
we lived and died to be a man.

like little crawlers we gather in places
we study each other's bodies and faces
we judge each other and soon surmise
that a watch and shoes should match his ties
and the gal he's with will back his lies-

a gathered man in brickened lots
the higher the rise, the longer the drop
away, away to run the plays
to horde the swords that keep the poor at bay

away, away the men astray-
building lives by greed and pride
rarely adding the debts to pay
on that silly, crazy Judgement Day-

I'm not saying, but I'm just saying
you should've believed.

August 18, 2010. © Anthony James , All rights reserved