Paintdrops and Raindrops
Poetry By Anthony James


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Paintdrops and Raindrops
Poetry By Anthony James

I was driving on the parkway-
Thunder and lightning- big-banging
Illuminating the way-

a tree fell down across my car-
I fell away to injury-
Floating up over me- my Spirit rose-
such things I did see- of eyes closed-

Angel's circling over the flesh of me-
Below me- pulling the tree-
up off of me-

I could feel myself, coming to, again-
and before I became me again-
I looked upon the trees- then

Angel's were painting all the leaves-
paintdrops and raindrops- through the breeze-
A masterpiece- Like Hummingbirds- one by every tree!

This is how the leaves change colors?

Oh My God- such things that I have seen-
No one will ever believe me-

A secret such as this is not allowed to be!

October 19, 2010. © Anthony James , All rights reserved