Poetry By Anthony James


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Poetry By Anthony James

This is for you, reader. A Pearl.

Let it be known, then
As was said way then,
And now,
Through the Chosen.

Father in Heaven
I love You.

Beloved children of this world,
You who think
"I have a God"

But Ye all are blind-
You see a wall that is before you
Who put the wall there?

In these times of Apocalypse
Oh Father, by Thy Hand,
Ye Chosen Thou have brought beyond this wall
This Wall, Lord that Thee have set.

Most Gracious Father
And Merciful Savior-
This Mountain is yet standing
But cometh before, through and back-

There is much fear.
There is much sorrow.
There is despair in Truth
Which sits always beyond this wall.

They do not know this Truth.
They walk blindly,
In confused certainty
In atrophied Faith-
The World has become their belief,
Not Christ.

What they say,
That comes forth of their tongues
Revealeth their point

To be lost
But to think they are heading to heaven

Because God is Loving....

So Loving that His own Words He will dismiss?

Yea, I have said this to them
And I have been driven off
Pushed away- Yea