Pour Out Your Spirit Upon Me, Jesus
Poetry By Anthony James

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Pour Out Your Spirit Upon Me, Jesus
Poetry By Anthony James

I pray-
few are Saved.
why don't they see?
why don't they believe?
I suppose, we shall
let the dead bury their dead
though, Thou Heart
whishes none to perish
who can Live but he and she
who truly believes?
he or she
who was rather willing to die
because the world was a rotating blasphemy
crying out Abba, Father
take me.
but no, rather healed and Salvation Sealed
and the Spirit indwelling-
speaking words of wisdom,
never letting a thing be...
but telling the Truth
instead, in steadiness
in me.

By Anthony James , © 2012, All rights reserved.

Author notes

And here is Truth: Pray for the Spirit, which discerns Scripture which to begin with can only bring about the knowledge that the Word of God, the Bible... Is the Truth. For the Spirit that dwells within the Saved, is the same Spirit that wrote the Word. So, then the Spirit (of God) wrote the Word and is within the Elect.

Read the Word. Believe in the Gospel and Repent. Know that we are sinners destined for death from the very second we are conceived. Do not think big of yourself or any man. That is vanity and pride in the world. God does not lie. But we lie to ourselves in the world because we are free to do so. But in this we are giving up our only chance at Life. Every Word is Truth.

Jesus wants to Save. Believe me I know, when I was Saved it was Pure Joy between us and is every day. So, why would He not want everyone to be Saved? Why. He does want, but we have to accept it. And that means we must have enmity with everything there is in and of the world.

And we must all then love one another as Jesus Loves us. How do we know how Jesus Loved us? He died for us. What more is there to prove His Love?

God bless.

Pour Out Your Spirit Upon Me, Jesus