Psalm 51:17
Poetry By Anthony James


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Psalm 51:17
Poetry By Anthony James

Look at me, My God, My God
I am a sorrowful soul-
I had tried, I had tried?
What do I do wrong?

Oh Father, give me a pass?
Jesus, I call You
So many times?
Nothing I accomplish, lasts-

I am alone again,
Fond memories are broken-
By the curse of a man prone to sin and fear-
Set the needle back, start it over, then
Play the whole song over, again.

Time is waging a war
On a boy in a man's body
And I am aging with a child's core-

What, Lord, am I to become?
What, Lord, of the boy with gray hair?
My God, My God,
Where am I? What am I doing, here?

I can barely breathe
any more.
So sad, I am a lifeless shell-
Looking around for meaning-
No one talks to me.

What should I be?
Where should I go?
Do I not love, Thee?
But, truly, I do
I told You so-

I must go to sleep now,
I must take my pills, now-
And I go down...
Never knowing, never grown-

Drowned of fear, sorrow and confusion
Down, down, to a world of perdition
Lost my religion
Never had a life
To whom do I owe my defeat?

Oh Paraclete-
Has anyone ever loved me?

No! None of the flesh-

- A great fear is confirmed and I weep sorrowfully-

A mild and meek voice is heard

Except for Me, my child
Get out of the Fire, you-
Return to Heal,
Your heart is softened
Your Soul is new-

Father do not weep with me,
I am not able to bare this
Go! My son!

Oh, Father, Oh Father...
My... eyes... they ..... see...

April 24, 2011 © Anthony James , All rights reserved