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See the Beauty of a Rose

SEE the beauty of a rose:
ethereal, at ease;
offering up into the ether
gentle, whispering peace.
Absorb and live it if you can,
and move to catch its fragrant scent;
its deep, deep velvet dancing-dress -
before its gloryís spent.
And ponder on its reason for being -
why itís blooming there;
and know that in this rose youíre seeing,
in beauty, truly, GOD is HERE!
And live in trust that every action,
every kindly thought
expressing caring and compassion
is bringing to naught
all the opposite afflictions
that mankind has wrought;
and know the life we give the creatures,
know the life we humans see,
will be
that which  GOD intended: -
peaceful; joyful; happy;  FREE!

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