Anthony James

Simply Loved
Poetry By Anthony James


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Simply Loved
Poetry By Anthony James

I lay suddenly
A spell did quiet me
I lay on the floor
My bicep, my pillow

Eyelids falling
Peace is upon me...
In and out of sleep..

I see my cat
He has sat right before me...
And I look at him
And I feel happy to see him...
Because I love him.

I open my eyes again..
To see my cat.
But my cat is gone now..

Now I see myself...
I feel so happy when I look at myself?
I feel the Holy Spirit fill me with joy!
I want to see this vision again..
I open my eyes..
And I see my cat...

I giggle.
I am filled with the Holy Spirit..
And open my eyes again..
And I see myself, again..

I am so happy again..
I love 'that' person..
And my thoughts are coming in and out..

I recognize myself
I don't recognize myself..

And then I do.

I realize I am looking at msyelf out of body

And smiling :)
Smiling to myself.

And that really made me feel so happy.