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By John Cannon

her grand entrance,

her exuberant march
through New England,

Mother Nature tiptoes
softly and slowly into
the Shenandoah Valley,

leaving only
subtle signals
of autumn’s
unhurried approach ―

the soft plops
of acorns falling
in the woods,

the faint tinges
of yellow and red
on the tips of leaves,

the slow fading
of white spots
on the fawns’ coats.

This gradual buildup
with cooler nights
and brisk clear days

is a gentle introduction
to the glories
yet to come

when the dogwoods,
tupelos, hickories,
maples and oaks

their deep
inherent beauty,

their true colors,
hidden through spring
and summer,

now quietly
and softly

for our delight.

fall colors
Photo by
Sharon Fisher

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