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SOLILOQUY...While Walking

WHAT to do?
...Keep to the rhythm of the Universe -
stick to the steady, measured pace;
know the onlooker sees more of the game,
the runner sees less of the race!
...keep your stance upright and clear -
a balance with rhythm and ease,
quietly in tune with the essence of Life:
the morning;  the sun;  birds;  the trees.
Do what you can in the daytime -
the practical, hardworking chores;
but know that the eve, and the sunrise
are times when the whole world is yours!
...yours to remember with blessing and love,
knowing the Christ Light can shine
into the hearts of all of Mankind,
directing his thoughts above...
...glimpsing the Thought of his Maker,
which dispels all the fear and the hate,
as man's linked once more with Creation,
and destruction and anger retreat.
...the Divine Love renewed in its wayward race,
as the heart feels God's spirit within;
Manhood and Woman find harmony restored,
and their place in the balance of things...

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